Our clients confirm that connecting face to face with digital marketing is essential to tradeshow success and the key to lowering their cost per lead. We want to make it easier and more affordable for you to connect your face to face marketing to your digital marketing and more importantly move your leads and prospects down your sales funnel safely and quickly.


If you need a website or to update your website-

  • Websites: Five-page website $750, $180 each additional page
  • If you only need an event specific landing page: $275
  • Organic SEO work on your existing site or content & PPC management by a certified Google Organic Search and Adwords Specialist available at $40/hour
  • Professional Graphic Design by a Adobe Certified Expert at $35/hour


If you would like us to post to your social media feed or manage bulk e-mail campaigns, we can do that for you as well

  • Social media posts: $25 per post
  • We can prepare and launch an event specific email campaign – $275
    (see below for list cost and refer to our content page for content generation pricing)
  • List cost is $20 per 1,000


Digital without security is reward without reward. We want your program  to be safe, please review our ala carte cyber security offering designed to protect your digital marketing.


A la carte Cybersecurity by a Certified Ethical Hacker

Free half hour phone consultation
  • Device rescue (virus/ransomware/adware) $500 to $1,000 depending on extent of infection.
  • Vulnerability scan of your network (one IP) $600
  • Penetration test of your network (one IP) $780
  • Simulated phishing campaign against your staff with tracking and results (for 1,000 email addresses) $1,950
  • On-site physical Wi-Fi/Bluetooth penetration test of your exhibit/devices with vulnerability remediation and with three-hour hands-on cybersecurity training for your staff $3,100

And finally, a nod to old school content distribution

  • 1000 full color printed CD or DVD in a polycase (2 day turn time) $950
  • 1000 full color printed flash drives (1gb) with data load (3 week turn time) $4,960