Marketers confirm over and over that face-to-face engagement is still the most significant contributor to new sales (Source Customer Attainment White Paper – CMO Council) click here to download the CMO report. Trade shows can rightly be viewed as the most cost-effective way to build customer engagement, identify qualified leads, evaluate your sales and marketing efficacy if we do the preparation needed to realize the benefit.


These are the primary services we offer to support your trade show participation. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask our Content Team. We can help you with any additional needs you might have.

1. Landing Page Content (show-specific information and data-gathering)

a) $250: Bare bones description and data-gathering mechanism (250 words max)

b) $500: More detailed info and data-gathering mechanism (500 words max)

c) $750: Detailed description, data-gathering, and links (750 words max)

2. Pre/Post Show eBlast or Postcard Mailer

a) eBlast: $200 each (250 words max)

b) Postcard Mailer: $400 includes design, postage extra

3. Coordination Fee

$500: Contact with Printing/Mailing house and full Project Management

4. Social Media (LinkedIn/Twitter)

$50 per posting

5. News/Sales Sheet Content (for handouts or to link to)

$300/page (500 word max)

6. Research List (with summaries and links to relevant articles)

$250 for 3-5 items

Promotional Products Available

Flash Drives, Mini Disc (CD/DVD), CD/DVD Business Cards all manufactured in-house on demand and in a hurry, and we can refer you to some of the top creative firms who can assist you with any of your other trade show needs.

Package Pricing

Package 1 ($800): Landing Page 1a, 2 eBlasts, 1 Sales Sheet 

Package 2 ($1,000): Landing Page 1b, 2 eBlasts, 1 Sales Sheet

Package 3 ($1,600): Landing Page 1c, 1 Postcard Mailer, 2 Sales Sheets

Package 4 ($2,000): Landing Page 1c, 2 Postcard Mailers, 2 Sales Sheets, 2 Social Media