No mark up on show services

We never mark up your show services order. We help you fill them out correctly and proactively offer cost savings ideas. We then offer to audit your invoices to be sure your bill is correct. Both membership and audit services are free.

Lower freight costs

We pass our freight savings on to you. Being connected to a large corporation we benefit from their buying power and share that savings with you.


Drayage and labor savings

To further save on freight, drayage and labor we carefully plan the design, delivery and set up processes associated with your booth.

First, we identify the best time to deliver your booth. Then the packing protocol streamlines unpacking and set up, all but eliminating last-minute shipping. Our frame and graphics systems eliminate ladders, set-up workers, even for 16’ walls can be set up in minutes. Most 20’x20’ displays are set with 2 men in under 4 hours. We always suggest working with our select Installation and dismantle companies (I&D) for 2 reasons; they our system and they know the city. They save untold time and expense in solving the inevitable last changes. Again, we never mark up your labor services.


… because we want you to be profitable at your show … we want you to see a positive ROI on your show investment.

Toward that end … you need customers and prospects in your booth, they need to invited, met with and receive follow up.

To help be sure you are profitable we created a fixed price menu of show specific marketing services; landing pages, web sites, twitter and email campaigns, email design, post show emails all designed to be sure you more space, less cost, and lower cost per lead.