It Is Time For A New Way To Exhibit

It Is Time For A New Way To Exhibit

Tradeshow exhibiting as we know it, is broken – it is too expensive, too frustrating and just too difficult!

What if there were a different way?

Imagine exhibiting with more space, less cost, more leads, less hassle … imagine ….

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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"After working with for our largest annual tradeshow, we converted our 6-figure expense into a nearly 6 figure profit in one show, their 5 point program works for us." (name available upon request) - click for free downloads

"USING LOWERMYSHOWCOSTS.COM “Our 20’x20’ cost just a little more than we would have paid for our old 10x10 and delivered with much better results.” (name available upon request) - click for free downloads

What does lower exhibit cost look like?

Lower costs look like…
Free rental hardware
Free storage for your rental graphics
Bulk rate shipping
NTE labor pricing
No mark up on show services
Show service invoice audit
It looks Fast & Light

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